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Our History

Greenstone Biosciences, Inc. was established in 2021. We are actively doing bench top science at Alexandria Stanford Research Park, Palo Alto. Co-founder Joseph C. Wu, MD, PhD is the Simon Stertzer Professor of Medicine and Radiology and the Director of Cardiovascular Institute at Stanford University School of Medicine. Founding team members are world class, Stanford, Harvard, and UCLA trained scientists. We are looking to hire top notch scientists who welcome the challenge of getting effective therapies to patients.

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Our Products
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We have more than 2000 lines in our collection and are continuously adding more samples. Below are some examples of available hiPSC lines

hiPSC Lines

We provide human iPSC lines from healthy controls and pathogenic variants free of cost to academic investigators.


ADMET-AI is a simple, fast, and accurate web interface for predicting the Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, Excretion, and Toxicity (ADMET) properties of molecules using machine learning models.

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Our Platform

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Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity

Unlock the power of patient-specific and disease-specific cells with our high-quality human iPSCs, a valuable resource that can revolutionize your scientific endeavors. We are proud to offer our iPSCs to academic investigators free of cost.

Join our iPSC research and make groundbreaking discoveries with Greenstone’s premium human iPSCs.

By utilizing hiPSCs, we can mimic human physiology in the lab. This technology allows us to conduct early and accurate testing, and significantly reduces the necessity for animal testing. This approach accelerates the testing process and increases the likelihood of a successful drug candidate moving to clinical trials.

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Our Collaborators

We have distributed our iPSC lines to various institutions around the globe.

Harvard | Stanford University | Boston Children’s Hospital | Duke University | Columbia University | Boston University | SUNY Downstate | University of Maryland |  NCI-NIH | Clemson University | University of Central Florida | UCLA | York University | Amsterdam UMC |  Hubrecht Institute | University of Bonn | Emory University | NYIT | University of Cincinnati | Medical College Wisconsin |  University of Wisconsin | University of Michigan | Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai | UT Southwestern | University of Kansas | Eastern Carolina University | University of Utah | Heidelberg University | Freie Universitae Berlin | QIMR Berghofer  | Vilinius University

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