Congratulation to Greenstone Biosciences co-founder for becoming the President of American Heart Association

Joseph Wu

Greenstone Biosciences is excited to announce that our distinguished co-founder, Dr. Joseph C. Wu, has assumed the prestigious role of President of the American Heart Association. A pioneering luminary in cardiovascular research, Dr. Wu’s advancements have propelled the field towards new horizons.

Over nearly 20 years at Stanford University, Dr. Wu has made significant advances in the field of cardiovascular medicine. His lab has developed techniques to turn a person’s blood into replicas of the heart cells they had at birth. Dr. Wu is also a pioneer in the use of regenerative stem cells to repair damaged heart tissue. This innovation has opened the door for researchers worldwide to study the development of heart disease and pinpoint new therapeutic targets, heralding a quantum leap in our understanding and treatment of heart disease.

At Greenstone Biosciences, we laud Dr. Wu’s commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusion. His endeavors to foster an inclusive environment within the scientific community, promoting the participation and recognition of individuals from all backgrounds, echo our own ethos and vision.

We take immense pride in Dr. Wu’s elevation to the presidency of the American Heart Association. Under his presidency, we anticipate a wealth of groundbreaking research and significant strides in patient care.

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