We operate at the convergence and cutting-edge of science and technology. Join us and our rapidly growing team of computational biologists and life scientists who are dedicated to transforming how we discover treatments for patients in need.

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Artificial Intelligence Scientist - Drug Discovery

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Be Part of a Revolution

Our mission is transforming drug discovery and accelerating the development of effective therapies for patients.

Why Work at


We believe discovering drugs and promoting health succeed with cutting-edge quality scientific research and transformative computational biotechnology and that both
are fueled by intellectual collaboration and creativity.


We understand that working hard, working smart, and working together are necessary elements to improve patient care over time.


At Greenstone, taking personal responsibility is expected; and when things do not go well, we first look inward to arrive at solutions. We expect everyone to be honest and ethical.


We strive to be kind and considerate, respect each other’s individuality and perspectives and graciously share both ideas and credit. We aim high, make tough decisions and take smart risks.

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