Leveraging Physiology and Artificial Intelligence to Deliver Advancements in Healthcare

Angela Zhang, Zhenquin Wu, Eric Wu, Matthew Wu, Michael P. Snyder, James Zou, and Joseph C. Wu

Greenstone Biosciences co-founded Joseph C. Wu, and SAB James Zou writes on the relevant AI models in healthcare and how physiological data has been harnessed by AI to advance healthcare.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) in healthcare has generated remarkable innovation and progress in the last decade. Significant advancements can be attributed to the utilization of AI to transform physiology data to advance healthcare. In this review, we will explore how past work has shaped the field and defined future challenges and directions. In particular, we focus on three areas of development. First, we give an overview of AI, with special attention to the most relevant AI models. We then detail how physiology data has been harnessed by AI to advance the main areas of healthcare such as automating existing healthcare tasks, increasing access to care, and augmenting healthcare capabilities. Finally, we discuss emerging concerns surrounding the use of individual physiology data and detail an increasingly important consideration for the field, namely the challenges of deploying AI models to achieve meaningful clinical impact.

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