Jade is a dynamic and accomplished professional with a unique blend of expertise in health policy, law, big data, and biostatistics. She is also well versed in the areas of chemistry and human iPSC biology. With a passion for improving healthcare systems and advocating for social justice, Jade has made significant contributions to the field through her diverse roles and dedication to serving vulnerable populations. As a visionary leader and co-founder of Greenstone Biosciences, she has been instrumental in driving innovative solutions at the intersection of healthcare and technology. As a co-founder of Greenstone Biosciences, Jade has played a pivotal role in translating scientific discoveries into tangible solutions. Her visionary mindset, combined with her interdisciplinary expertise, drives the development of novel therapies, technologies, and strategies aimed at addressing unmet medical needs and improving healthcare delivery.

Armed with a Master’s in Public Health (MPH) and a Juris Doctorate (JD) degree, Jade possesses a comprehensive understanding of the complexities surrounding public health policy and legal frameworks. Her academic background, coupled with her practical experience, allows her to approach complex issues with a multidisciplinary perspective.

Throughout her career, Jade has worked tirelessly to address health disparities and promote equitable access to healthcare. Her work has involved collaborating with governmental and non-profit organizations to develop and implement policies that improve health outcomes for marginalized communities. In 2020, Jade Chao authored a statewide resolution through the California State PTA to ban flavored tobacco products, a crucial initiative aimed at protecting youth from the harmful effects of tobacco use. Her advocacy work and dedication to promoting the health and well-being of communities have garnered recognition and support from the California State PTA.

She actively engages with community organizations and serves on boards that champion the rights and well-being of underserved populations. Her commitment to amplifying marginalized voices and promoting inclusivity has earned her recognition and respect within the field.

Her ability to bridge the gap between these two disciplines has allowed her to provide invaluable insights and guidance to organizations and policymakers seeking to create meaningful change.

Jade Chao’s unwavering dedication to health policy, combined with her legal expertise, positions her as a catalyst for transformative progress. Through her advocacy, research, and leadership, she continues to make a significant impact on the lives of individuals and communities, striving towards a future where health equity and social justice are realized.

Jade enjoys gardening, calligraphy, and swimming.

Jade Chao

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