Mukhtar is an accomplished scientist with a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, where he received exceptional training under the guidance of Professor Stephane Angers. His expertise lies in employing cutting-edge functional proteomics approaches to uncover novel non-canonical functions of heterotrimeric G proteins.

During his postdoctoral tenure at Vanderbilt University, Dr. Ahmed excelled under the mentorship of Professor Ian Macara and was ultimately promoted to the position of Research Assistant Professor. His remarkable contributions to the field involved utilizing advanced quantitative methods in cell biology, targeted proteomics, single molecule and membrane biophysics to unravel the intricate processes of polarized membrane trafficking and vesicle tethering in mammalian epithelial systems. Dr. Ahmed’s research endeavors have been recognized and honored by prestigious institutions, including the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada.

Notably, Dr. Ahmed’s scientific journey also includes a pivotal role at the Howard Hughes Medical Institutes, where he was part of the pioneering team that established biomolecular protein complementation assays. This groundbreaking work showcases his ability to contribute to cutting-edge techniques and methodologies in the field.

In addition to his scientific pursuits, Dr. Ahmed has fortified his leadership and management skills through business training at Wharton. This interdisciplinary approach has equipped him with the strategic acumen necessary to navigate the complex landscape of biotech and pharmaceutical industries, enhancing his capacity to lead innovative research teams and projects.

Beyond his remarkable scientific achievements, Mukhtar nurtures a passion for music and is an avid collector of vinyl records. He finds solace in exploring arts and culture with like-minded individuals, fostering meaningful connections. In his leisure time, he rejuvenates by embarking on invigorating hikes through the woods with his loyal canine companion.

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